If you are a startup looking for a distributor to expand business in Japan, we are your perfect fit.

Why distribute in JAPAN


Get the ATTENTION you deserve

Your product needs the BUZZ to hit it off in new markets. Too many products out there and long term promotion isn’t worth it, draining your limited resources. Your product is unique, and we have the power to make the buzz like you did on your crowdfunding sites.

To create the sales momentum

We start from TV / catalog / internet distribution

We create sales momentum from scratch using TV/Catalog/Internet distribution. Using our network of buyers and offline users, we achieve maximum potential so that the product can be widely distributed throughout the country in retail stores as well.

We know who to work with

Web media and bloggers are ESSENTIAL PARTNERS

In order to make the product more unique and easy for writers and editors, we collaborate with you-tubers, famous bloggers, or individuals that have influence in the internet world.

We know how to localize Apps

To give the BEST EXPERIENCE to Japanese users

Many products require users to use apps. Our company has a history of building apps, so we are able to help you with more than just text translation, but usability localization as well. Your consumer deserves the best experience from your products, all over the world.

Our Service

How we work with our partners

Market feasibility

Initial stage

Receive sample product and information
Pre-sales to potential distribution channel
Collect end-user feedback
Check for necessary legal register
Discuss Marketing Plan proposal
- Retail Price in Japan
- Ads and PR
- Distribution
- Sales forecast
- Launch schedule

Based on the Marketing Plan, both parties will discuss the specifics of an exclusive distribution agreement

Distribution & Marketing


Sales activity
- Fix initial distribution
Logistics preparation
- Sticker label
- Quality Control
Build User awareness
- Press party
- Product introduction to Web / Press Medias and influencing bloggers

Other preparation
- User manual translation
- Website
- Customer support

Localizing Smartphone / Web Application

Adapting user experience to Japan

We offer the following services, if the user experience requires any use of smartphone or web application
- Language translation
- UI / UX localization depending on target user analysis
- Create an entirely new application from scratch, manage App Store or Google Play accounts

After Launch

Customer support and expanding point of sales

Expand distribution / sales and awareness
- Continue sales activity with retailers and wholesalers
- Exhibit in Retail and Merchandise related exhibitions
- Promotional activities
Customer Support
- Telephone operator
- e-mail support
Necessary update for legal matter
Send Sales Report and Marketing Plan updates every year

It’s more than just a product, we want to love the merchandise as much as the creator.

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